VINCI Autoroutes

With a network stretching 4,385 km, representing half of France’s motorway network under
concession, VINCI Autoroutes is Europe’s leading motorway operator.


VINCI Autoroutes comprises four concession companies in France:
ASF, 2,639 km of motorways in operation and 75 km under construction, covering the southern
half of France;
Cofiroute, with a network of 1,100 km serving the west of France and the A86 Duplex tunnel in
the Greater Paris area (this 11 km tunnel fully entered service on 9 January 2011);
Escota, with a network of 459 km in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southern France;
– Arcour, comprising the 101 km A19 Artenay-Courtenay southern Greater Paris bypass motorway, operated by Cofiroute.


VINCI Autoroutes networks carry 2.2 million customers daily, with 1.3 million subscribers to the electronic toll collection service. Drivers cover 46.5 billion km annually on VINCI Autoroutes
motorways, representing nearly 800 million toll transactions.


Bringing private sector performance to the service of the public, VINCI Autoroutes is working to make motorways safer, greener and more pleasant to use. Through its investment in building new sections, widening and upgrading existing sections, and enhancing environmental standards throughout its networks under the “green motorway package”, it ranks among the foremost private-sector contracting authorities and investors in France.


Revenue: €4,259 Million

Operating profit from ordinary activities: €1,923 Million

Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent: €837 Million

Workforce: 8,500 employees





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