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Cofiroute combines a long-term private developer’s experience with new approaches to project delivery, financing and the latest toll technology to provide strategic and innovative consulting services on public-private partnerships, toll road systems and managed toll lane projects.


Cofiroute USA understands and appreciates its role in educating the public and its clients. We take seriously our mission to share what we have learned over years of “real-world” experience to further the concept of tolling and improve toll project design, implementation and on-going operations. Bringing Cofiroute USA into the process of analyzing a project early will provide insight and expertise to help mitigate many of the obstacles encountered in any toll road delivery. A sampling of some critical elements agencies and public private partnerships should consider in early planning for new roads is listed below:


  • The long term implication of toll system design, including startup capital costs, operating costs, routine maintenance costs and renewal and replacement costs for equipment, hardware and software
  • An outcome focused approached identifying early in project the reports required for identifying transaction reconciliation with accountability measures.
  • Automated toll management or managed lanes or with toll booths – the trade offs
  • Planning for and managing emergency services
  • Revenue sharing and commitment to spending excess revenues on corridor improvements
  • Violation rules that are firm and fair
  • Interoperability with other toll road systems
  • The importance of an effective and continual customer/stakeholder communication plan to announce good news, report on results of operations, provide alerts of impending changes and explain changes in policy or business rules


Developing new toll roads or converting HOV to tolled lanes obviously requires a more detailed approach than ones followed in building non-tolled roads. Tolling a road or lanes is a business not just an engineering exercise. So the predevelopment work actually starts with drafting the initial request for proposal (RFP) by a public agency so respondents understand the complete scope of work, then planning for managing all aspects of tolling based on real world operating experiences, not as a theoretical exercise or in a piecemeal fashion. Mistakes and miscalculations made early in the process can result in millions of dollars in cost overruns during construction, in daily operations, customer service systems and in future maintenance needs.


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