Cofiroute USA's Customer Service Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

Sept. 27, 2012


Cofiroute USA’s Customer Service Goes Beyond the Call of Duty


A Sneak Peak into the Hustle and Bustle of the Customer Service Center


Our lives are stop-and-go – your commute shouldn’t be.


Since 1995, Cofiroute USA’s Customer Service Center (CSC) has supported this statement by helping drivers on the 91 Express Lanes enjoy a smoother ride with its friendly, responsive and knowledgeable service. This customer-oriented focus has also contributed to the growth of Cofiroute and our success in managing more than 35,000.00 vehicle trips each day.


Our CSC has an internal team of less than 20 employees. This small but mighty team is always on call, literally, from our center in east Corona. They field an ongoing river of calls that surges and wanes based on what is happening on the 91 Express Lanes, plus routine requests for information and questions on traffic and toll collection and violation clarification.  Each representative handles 80 to 120 client calls per day, for a combined total of 18,000 calls per month. For added convenience, the center also offers a lobby help desk for customers who prefer direct in-person contact.


In addition to feeling gratified with happy drivers and customers, Cofiroute takes deep pride in our employee’s professional fulfillment and advancement. To ensure each representative is well-informed and confident, employees must undergo an extensive two-week training program on company policies, procedures and culture in a classroom setting, followed by a two-week shadowing session of a seasoned representative to apply what was learned.


Cofiroute also has an internal award program to recognize employees for their ongoing contributions to improving customer satisfaction. These include monthly and quarterly awards, which can lead to an employee of the year honor. The awards include a monetary bonus, gift cards and the employee’s name engraved on a plaque with other top performers, which is on display in the call center.


How is the award program received internally?


When Miranda Griego, 36, isn’t pushing her limits lifting weights and spinning at Club Fitness Addiction in Huntington Beach where she resides, she is setting record goals in the call center for her exceptional customer service and overall productivity. She has received quarterly awards for exemplary customer relations and leadership abilities and honored as employee of the year.


“This is the most employee-celebrated company I’ve ever worked for,” said Miranda. “My team is wonderful and we share a common goal of contributing to the company’s success. Then, because we simply believe in our role of helping others, our employer gives back to us. This is why Cofiroute USA is an award winning company.”


“The day I was nominated Employee of the Year, it was also my fifth year anniversary with the company,” added Miranda. “After a great day of work, which included a celebratory team lunch, I headed for South Coast Plaza and put my award bonus toward a new outfit and shoes.”


Simply put, Cofiroute CSC employees care about good service, improved commuting and safety on the road.  Most have been on the job for five years or more.  This group is not only tight-knit but also like-minded, each possessing a great listening ear, a knack for problem solving and flexibility.


As Cofiroute continues to grow, it will remain focused on improving the quality of its customer service through innovation, smart application of technology and above all, the fine work of a dedicated, happy staff.


Posted by Jill Stefanelli

Vice President, Customer Services


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