Advanced Technology, Systems Improve the 91 Express Lanes Experience

August 31, 2012


Advanced Technology, Systems Improve the 91 Express Lanes Experience


Whether it’s driving on the congestion free 91 Express Lanes, connecting with customer service or receiving timely and accurate billing, your experience is being enhanced by an invisible but powerful force: one of the nation’s most sophisticated integrated technology systems.


Cofiroute USA operates the 91 Express Lanes under a five-year, $38.5-million contract with the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA). It recently worked with OCTA to advance the technological capabilities of the 91 Express Lanes with an integrated system that included transponder tracking, accounting, transaction reconciliation, a web-based consumer interface and congestion pricing capabilities. The enhancements were part of a long-range plan by OCTA to invest millions in the road itself and then keep improving all aspects of the 91 Express Lanes experience with advanced technology. 


Previously, the different functional areas were managed with non-integrated and outdated systems. The application of new technology was essential to getting the new system developed, installed, tested and deployed. Cofiroute USA used a modified hybrid project management plan and iterative approach to design the system and ensure rapid product delivery. This required collaborative groupware, such as shared document storage and access, so we could work smoothly with the developer and a virtual team that included more than 40 software programmers and data analysts in three countries. Cofiroute USA’s systems and processes facilitated rapid communications of test results so developers could move quickly to the next iteration.  The approach helped Cofiroute USA shorten the test cycle and move more rapidly toward launch.


Today, the 91 Express Lanes benefit from features not found in any other available toll software. 

The accounting system tracks every transaction from inception to ultimate disposition. It creates reports that enable Cofiroute USA accountants, operating staff and the OCTA to accurately track revenues and expenses, balance accounts and analyze trends for managing future operations. 


These more efficient systems save time and money that can be reinvested into highway improvements on the non-toll portion of the 91. The 91 Express Lanes generated some $20 million last year for improvements to the Highway 91 corridor.


And the work doesn’t stop here. OCTA and Cofiroute USA continue to analyze all systems with a goal of using technology to further improve the free-flowing traffic experience on the 91 Express Lanes – a real moving experience!


Posted by Ryan Young, Director of Business Development




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