Jill Stefanelli

Jill Stefanelli, Vice President, Customer Service and Processing

Jill participated in the early stages of operations for the 91 Express Lanes customer service department assisting in establishing the initial customer service center located in Corona, Calif., which today manages over 170,000 accounts. Her expertise was essential in the development of customer relations, focus groups, marketing materials, and processes necessary for developing this award winning customer service center.


As customer service center manager, Jill played an essential role in the project’s transition from a privately owned facility to public sector ownership when, in January 2003, the Orange County Transportation Authority purchased the project. Public ownership required new processes be implemented and from the customers’ vantage point, Jill facilitated these changes seamlessly.


Jill’s vast knowledge in the field of customer relations, account management and violations processing was an invaluable asset during the design and development stages of Cofiroute USA’s new back-office software system. Her years of experience with the 91 Express Lanes’ operating processes and her interpersonal relationships with customers proved to be the cornerstone on which this software was built.


As Cofiroute USA’s vice president of customer services and violations processing for the 91 Express Lanes, Jill oversees the administrative team responsible for the facilitation of OCTA customer accounts, interoperability transactions, and the processing of customer and non/customer violations.


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