Our Experience

Cofiroute draws from 24 years of experience of management, operation and maintenance of tolling and express lane systems and customer service center operations. We understand the importance of a collaborative approach to operations, and combine this with a program designed around proven people, processes and technology to achieve operational excellence.

Why Us?

The Cofiroute Team understands the importance of providing our partners with a lasting collaborative relationship. We take on our customer’s goals with a proven approach: by incorporating proven people, processes and technology to design customized solutions.

Sustainable and Scalable Operations

We offer a versatile operations services team with the skills and experience necessary to support complex multi-facility operations, manage back-office systems, and accomplish operational goals across projects of various scopes and lengths.

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Transparent Data-Driven Decision-Making

We gather and evaluate comprehensive data during day-to-day operations to drive our decision-making and optimize staff productivity, resulting in peak performance, adaptive project management, and consistent toll operations efficiency.

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A Collaborative and Partnership Focused Environment

Our success in tolling operations and implementation relies on a coordinated, transparent, and partnership-based approach to working with all stakeholders.

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High Performing Quality staff

The Cofiroute team provides creative employee retention and incentive programs. Our operational methodology strongly emphasizes the hiring, training, and retention of quality staff to deliver on our clients' ongoing operational requirements.

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High Quality Customer Service

Our staff, tools, and customer centric approach to each project are focused on creating and supporting a quality-driven culture that produces outstanding customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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